av Werner

Stackars satar. Det finns alltså några få där ute i värden som är livrädda eller äcklade av mynt.

Det finns ingen logik i fobier men kortbetalning måste vara något av en frälsning för dessa stackars människor.

Här är några kommentarer från ett hjälpforum för fobier.

When holding large amounts of coins, I feel sick in my stomach and have on occasion thrown up. I hate the smell, the feel and taste of them. Make me so sick.

My son is 11 y/o and he absolutely dislike/hates coppers (1p-2p), we cant understand why, we tried and encourage him to count the pennies before and he refused it point blank, its so frustrating and now he is in secondary school, if he is buying something he wont want the change back, and its getting a big issue in our household, is this really a phobia or what, any suggestions? Please help…..
Hi I am 52 and I am insane when it comes to coins they make sick to my stomach. I hate pennies especially. It all started in kindergarten, when they asked us to bring in a bag of coins and I was very scared of touching them. I wouldn’t touch them so she called my mom. I’ve been through therapist and all different things nothing has helped. Also when I was a child my older brother put a penny up my butt. Now I live with my mom, I work in the tooth paste factory. It is a penny free environment.
The worst is old copper coins lying around, especially on the floor, it makes me physically ill & I have to look away. Also some go green with corrosion I think, that is a big no-no.
I wash my hands big time after handling copper coins, they are covered in gross dirt. Yuk.
I can’t stand copper coins 1p’s and 2p’s. I also avoid wearing jewel that leaves a funny smell on you. I get really annoyed at my family and my boyfriend when they leave coins out on the side or if one had fallen on the floor I refuse to go near that area of the room until it’s hidden out of sight. I also find my self tending to put all my change from the shop in a charity box by the till. I get a sickening feeling when I hear people jingling coins or rubbing them together. I find it strange that I am the only person that I know with this phobia.


Jag lider med dem.