Näst dyraste myntet!

av Werner

Ett sällsynt islamiskt guldmynt har sålts på auktion av Morton & Eden Ltd. Slutnotan inklusive provision blev £3,720,000. Denna Umayyad dinar A.H. 105 (ca A.D. 723 to 724) är där med världens näst dyraste mynt (såld på auktion).

Texten nedan är tagen från Morton & Eden Ltd:s hemsida: 

The Umayyad dinar, dated 105h (723AD) was struck from gold mined at a location owned by the Caliph himself – known on the coins as the “Mine of the Commander of the Faithful”. An additional legend which reads: “bi’l-Hijaz” (“in the Hejaz”), makes it the earliest Islamic coin to mention a location in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It had been expected to realise £300,000-400,000, but four bidders in the saleroom sent the price spiraling ever higher. It was purchased by the British trade on behalf of a European private collector.